Fuck You Bob Kane.

by Spoiler Alert

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Spoiler Alert ReBirth.

Spoiler Alert! have been away they are back with a protest song about Bob Kane.


Bill Finger created Batman, FUCK YOU BOB KANE Thats a fact man.

Who wants a bird man watching over them at night?
In his domino mask and his little red tights.

Bill Finger created Batman, FUCK YOU BOB KANE Thats a fact man.

Birdman stood on an empty page, no one to talk to nothing to say.
Bob Kane had nothing to do with that comic, all he wrote was his name on it.

1. The colour scheme
2. The costume
3. The cape
4. The cowl
5. The idea that he should be a detective
6. His lack of Superpowers
7. The origin story that he avenges crime because his parents were shot in an Alley
8. Gotham City
9. The Batmobile
10. Robin
11. Catwoman
12. The Joker

and a few other 'minor elements'

Were all created by Bill Finger.



released September 17, 2016
Mysterious masked men, nobody knows their identities.



all rights reserved


Spoiler Alert Berlin, Germany

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